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       About Trustus Immigration
Trustus Immigration Consultancy Services is a Canadian Immigration firm Registered in vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with an aim to provide immigration consultancy services to the individuals who....         
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We recognize that sometimes you do not need to retain the full services provided by an immigration professional, but just need a specific question answered about your visa ...

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We are constantly looking to recruit new agents. As our commission structure is very competitive, this provides excellent business opportunity for people who  are looking....                     
Business & Investor Class

This program gives foreign investors a chance to invest in Canada while providing many advantages to those looking to make Canada their new home. Applicants must have at least C$400,000 to invest in Canada for at least 5 years, and at least 2 years of senior level business experience. Also, applicants must have the required amount of points to meet the points-based assessment. Those that qualify and are successful will be able to get permanent residence which allows them and their families to live and work in Canada.

Basic Requirements

To be eligible to immigrant to Canada under this program, applicants must be able to meet the basic requirements in regards to the applicant's health and character. Also, applicants must have the following:

Be able to invest at least C$400,000 to CIC.
Have a net worth of at least C$800,000
Have at least 2 years of executive business experience in either management or ownership.

Be able to have enough funds to be able to support oneself and their family in Canada.

Have 35 points or more on a points-based assessment. Points are given in relation to education, age, language proficiency in either English or French, business experience and ability to adapt.
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